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Press Release for the Fall 2022 Cohort

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 28,2022

Press Release

Karina Weinstein

Program Strategy and Innovation Director

347 653 8176


Since the 1970s, politicians, economists and scientists have known that the climate is changing. Yet it took young people to skip school and protest on the streets for the world to take notice. The FXB Climate Advocates program is filling a void in climate education and meeting a critical need to address the root cause of the climate crisis: providing youth with the tools to take action. As one young applicant for the Fall 2022 cohort stated: "I honestly feel like it's the only choice there is. I have to do something, and this is something."

The FXB Climate Advocates program is a part of FXB International. FXB International’s mission is to provide the most vulnerable families with the tools and support they need to become self-sufficient and give their children a future. FXB unites practice, policy and advocacy to sustainably lift communities out of extreme poverty, creating a world where children have the chance not just to survive but to thrive.

The FXB Climate Advocates program is proud to announce the launch of the Fall 2022 cohort consisting of 195 youth from 44 countries who are working to implement climate solutions. From September 24th-December 17th, 2022, participants will learn about climate science and solutions, explore the intersection between climate, energy, health, and sustainable consumption, gain climate lobbying skills, and develop a climate advocacy project.

FXB Climate Advocates pursue a number of incredible initiatives such as planting trees, reducing electricity usage in schools, advocating for carbon pricing, starting municipal composting initiatives, leveraging Artificial Intelligence for climate advocacy, and replacing Styrofoam with sustainable reusable plastics in large school districts. Our unique value proposition is that FXB equips youth with the tools and knowledge to move beyond despair by taking action and sharing solutions with their community.

“FXB helped to solidify my knowledge of the science behind climate change. The program also hosted some speakers who dove deep into topics I had never considered before, such as food waste. What FXB did for me the most, though, was develop my creativity, connections, and leadership. This program gave me the motivation to actively work on my own climate project, which I plan to continue building into the future.” FXB Climate Advocates Alumnus from Spring 2022 cohort, 17 years old, New York

See FXB Climate Advocates alumni in action here:


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