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Peter Aboagye

University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana

My name is Aboagye Peter , I am a BA graduate from the University of Ghana, and majored in Political Science and Information Studies. My areas of interest are International Relations and Diplomacy, International Law, Public and Foreign Policy, and Water and Climate Conservation. I am planning on pursing a MA in International Relation and International Law and further to do PhD in the same field.

Over the years I have acquired vast experiences which span around political leadership, advocacy and activism. In 2019/2020, I got the opportunity to serve as the SRC Vice President at University of Ghana-CoE. In 2021, I contested in the National Service Personnel Association of Ghana Cocobod (NASPAC) elections as a Presidential Candidate at the Accra Metro but was not successful in the outcome. I am currently the Lead Convener of UG-CESA’20, an old student association

I am an official member of YOUNGO-UNFCCC and UN1FY. Over the years, I have actively participated and engaged in activities of the Youth-Led organization in areas of advocacies and activisms. In 2021, I had the privilege to work in tandem with like-minded youths from diverse backgrounds and expertise to supervise the successful organization of the first-ever Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) a localized version of the popular Global Conference of Youth (COY) by the UNFCCC in Ghana.

Again, I had the opportunity to volunteer with the University of Ghana Plastic Recycling Project (UGPRP), a campus-based waste segregation project in 2019. I am very passionate about the UN Sustainable Development Goals most especially Climate and Water and their attainment.

Ghana, my motherland as it stands now is bearing the full brunt of lots of wrong actions and inactions, and it seems the SDG6 and SDG13 are far from attainable. It is based on this and some other reasons I wish to be part of the FXB to learn and broaden my scope of knowledge in the area of water and climate to champion a positive course of action to influence policy formulation and implementation which have a direct bearing on water and climate in my country, Africa and the world at large.

I wish to see the world achieve zero carbon pollution, and positive climate and water action by 2030 to make the world a safe haven. I believe this is only feasible if the global youth advocates rally behind the global call and all hands are brought on deck for positive actions. I see myself in this space of endeavor and actively engaging in global move to make this a reality.


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