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Mohamed Suliman Hamed Suliman

University of Kassala, Sudan

I am Mohamed Suliman Hamed, a graduate of Kassala University, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Sciences, Department of Animal Production.

I am interested in the environment, especially the climate, and I have worked with many national and foreign organizations and civil society bodies. I have the ability, rapid response, responsibility and endurance at work.

She worked with the UNDP organization on a project to build resilience in the face of climate changes in the agricultural and pastoral sector, with Mahawir Organization For Construction And Development‬‎ in the field of training and education, with the Marafiyoun Organization for Democracy and Development in Social Peace, as well as ATTamas in the field of food security, and holds training certificates from the organization UNICEF in the field of gender and the environment, as well as a training course from UNICEF in the field of risk-aware programming, sensitivity to conflicts and peacebuilding, as well as a training course from UNICEF in the field of children's rights.

As well as a training course from the Peace and Development Organization in the field of sustainable development, as well as I was attending the United Nations Local Youth Climate Conference 2022 October .

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