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Loraine Kabaka

Kenyatta University, Kenya

I am Environment Microbiologist student from Kenyatta University, Kenya. I am passionate about biodiversity conservation as a crucial part in climate change mitigation and adaptation. My research mainly focuses on understanding how microbes adapt to climate change thus use microorganisms for processes such as bioremediation, bioplastic formation and biofertilizers.

I have participated in numerous climate related events such as the Local Conference of youth (LCOY), Youth Dialogue on Adaptation Action, Hack for Earth Challenge among others. I wrote scientific blogs for the Chloride Free Foundation to create awareness on the importance of soil microorganisms . I am also working with a youth group in Sierra Leone known as Green Leone in climate related projects. Finally, I am part of the founding team of the Endemic Biodiversity Conservation Network whose aim is to educate local communities and conserve endemic species.

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