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Jean-Felly Kapena

University of Mbujimayi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

My name is Jean-Felly KAPENA. I’m a Mechanical Civil Engineer from Universit of Mbujimayi in DRC.

I’m a manager of TTSDev ASBL project and I’m an Alumnus of Regional Leadership Center of Yali Dakar in Civic Leadership. My career goals are helping Youth to improvove their talents , making this world better than ever thanks to some climate change project.

Leadership being a very vast field, I chose servant leadership

for specialty. In this area, his models are Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Barack

OBAMA, Nelson MANDELA and Dr. Michel MUVUDI.

I’m also now the information secretary of the Yali for Peace network.

I’m very interested in the field of sustainable development. I exercise it within t « Institut

De la Francophonie pour le Development durable (IFDD). I received a scholarship in August 2022 to follow practical training in ecology in Kinshasa, training organized by the IFDD.

He is the youth president of his church; and a trainer in leadership and dominates

of peace in this Youth.

I’m co-founder of the NGO AEPPM where he is still responsible for the department of

recruitment and integration.

In my city, I’m consulted by many for questions in the field of leadership.

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