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Jean Claude Dusabumuremyi

INES Ruhengeri Institute of Applied Sciences, Rwanda

First of all, I am Jean Claude Dusabumuremyi, a Rwandan who holds bachelor of Science degree in Food science and technology, masters degree of Science in F aood Technology from KU Leuven and Ghent University in Belgium and currently undertaking PhD in Agribusiness at university of Ghana. With this background, I am lecturer of different courses such as food processing, postharvest technology, agribusiness management, and entrepreneurship. In this career, I do the research and community outreaches where I teach the community how they can become entrepreneurs while changing their lives, how to solve various socioeconomic problems like poverty, malnutrition, and food insecurity using homemade solutions. In this respect, I taught the community different ways of reducing food losses and waste using postharvest technologies, reducing waste by both adding value to produces (whey) and reducing environmental pollution.

Furthermore, I do different researches and coordinate different transformative projects which contribute to life change of beneficiaries. With my skills and knowledge, I believe and accept that I am positively changing the community life. Besides, I am very passionate about the lives of people and always thinking off on how to contribute to the solutions of real-world problems. With this ambition, I am highly affected by inadequate funds which impede me to fully contribute to the solutions of global challenges.

On top of this, I am hardworking person with good communication skills, and experienced in liaising with local and international stakeholders. Lastly, I am able to manage time effectively in any assigned task.


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