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Goodson Luke Mkupalume

University of Livingstonia, Malawi

I'm Goodson Luke Mkupalume, a passion and enthusiastic young graduate who aims at reducing and combating the impacts of climate change through collaborating with distinct stakeholders. I'm from Malawi in the southern part of Africa, particularly in Dedza and I'm looking forward to work with various organizations, institutions and other individuals across the planet. As a young and passionate environmentalist, it was my goal upon graduating to undergo various climate change short courses inorder to further my skills. Considering that the consequences of climate change has affected everyone, the coming of FXB climate advocate will be invaluable instrument in shaping our knowledge towards the environment. Meanwhile, knowledge and skills learnt from FXB will be utilized at all cost to ensure the fight against climate change has been won. I'm looking forward to partner with different stakeholders worldwide so that we should share the best that we can achieve. Let me also send my sincere gratitude to FXB team for your effort in bringing all the young and passion climate change pioneers to share ideas and solutions against climate change. I'm looking forward to start these lessons. Thank you

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