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FXB Climate Champions inspire climate action

Photo: Will Charouhis, 17-year-old climate advocate


FXB USA, a non-profit dedicated to children’s rights, introduced FXB Climate Champions to their ongoing FXB Climate Advocates program. FXB Climate Champions are inspiring young people who have a demonstrated commitment to sustainability and climate action.

FXB Climate Champions will increase participation in FXB Climate Advocates, provide guidance to student program selection, and access additional venues to further spread climate advocacy and amplify youth voices.

17-year-old Will Charouhis from Miami, Florida is the first FXB Climate Champion. After witnessing the effects of climate change during Hurricane Irma, he founded Forces of Nature in 2019. Now, it is the youngest organization accredited by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. His organization has provided climate-related disaster relief to 1,100 families across the world.

He was also the youngest American at COP25 in Madrid and COP26 in Glasgow, has submitted testimony to the White House Environmental Justice Council, and represents his research on mangroves through the Aquarium Educational Center at international speaking engagements through the United Nations.

Additionally, Charouhis serves as a National Youth Leader at the Jane Goodall Institute, a youth delegate for the National Wildlife Federation and America is All In, is a contributing author to The Invading Sea, is a Director of the Miami Youth Climate Leadership Board, and a member of his school’s Environmental Sustainability Council.

“Youth are the doers. We are the ‘Yes we can’ thinkers. We are innovators. And we will change the world— if you let us,” said Charouhis.

In the future, Charouhis will promote students to join a global network of youth environmental advocates. By furthering the FXB Climate Advocates program, he will help students become equipped with new knowledge, adaptability, and qualities of a changemaker to further their communities.


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