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Fatima Zohra

Government Science College Wahdat Road, Lahore, Pakistan

​​My name is Fatima Zohra. I am a climate advocate from Pakistan. I am doing my Bs Horns. In Political Science from Punjab University. Being a Climate advocate is not a one-day dream, I have been an environmental activist from my childhood. I used to be a part of my school plantation drives. I think environment is the personal responsibility of an individual. So I am always trying to build the capacities of the other students, particularly youth around me, to make them more empowered about the problems and challenges of climate change. I have made a community group with the name of “Climate Warriors” to deal with those challenges and suggest solutions to deal with them. For the future I have my plan to be a global climate advocate. I want to share my experiences and learn from the other climate advocates of the world. I want to get involved with youth, especially females, in my campaign to make them able to work for the environment. Moreover I want to be a part of future climate Conferences to represent Pakistan. In the coming years I am looking for myself to advocate for global climate policing.

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