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Emmanuel N. Konah

University of Liberia, Liberia

I'm Emmanuel N. Konah, a Liberian.

I'm a current Senior Undergraduate Student of the School of Environmental Studies and Climate Change at the University of Liberia studying Environmental Studies and Climate Change.

Emmanuel N. Konah is an Environmental Advocate and Executive Director for the Youth Alliance for Climate Justice and Environmental Accountability, a not for profit Youth Organization engage in mobilizing individuals and local communities to responsibly and sustainably care for nature. As an advocate, Konah is currently campaigning for the introduction of environmental education in the curriculums for all primary and secondary school institutions of learning across Liberia, a decision he believes will adequately prepare and inform young people to create a green and sustainable future for Liberia.

My career are goals:

1. To increase my professional knowledge and understanding about Environmental Sustainability

2. Establish an Institue of Environmental Sustainability in Liberia

3. Acquire new and advanced skills and knowledge about solving pressing environmental issues confronting our global community, etc.

4. Establish an agroforestry farm

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