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Eissa Hassan

North East Scotland College, United Kingdom

I am an enthusiastic youth from Yemen and came to realise that change is needed and can only be achieved through engaging the younger generations. I am very much a people person, motivated and results orientated. I grew to thrive in exceedingly challenging environments. I am student in Business administration Studies and build on my volunteering experience as a climate change leader: raising awareness, sharing knowledge and credible resources, and building effective, lasting partnerships between young people and organisations, towards a more sustainable future without wars or conflict.

I also founded the Youth Initiative in Yemen which is working to raise awareness about climate change and environmental issues. I represented my country at many international events including the COP26 conference in Glasgow as a country coordinator and speaker. I have been volunteering with the Scottish Refugee Council assisting with reviewing funding applications and nominating eligible charities for funding. I have also recently been nominated as a chairperson of the Disability Equity Partnership (DEP) with Aberdeen City Council.

Currently, I am attending the Leadership program provided jointly by Social Enterprise Academy and the Scottish Refugee Council, as well as a Climate Justice Course provided by City of Sanctuary. I also volunteer at the Scottish Communities Climate Change Action Network (SCCAN) where I am working as a facilitator in a capacity-building program and organizing online events, working with young people.


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