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Discussion with Nikayla Jefferson

Updated: Apr 13

This past week a few members of the FXB Climate Advocates team had the opportunity to speak with Nikayla Jefferson, a climate activist based in San Diego. Nikayla studied political science at UCSB, and now works for “The Sunrise Movement,” a political action organization. She is also in the process of obtaining a PhD in environmental studies. Speaking with a young woman as dedicated to this cause as Nikayla was inspiring and motivating. The San Diego chapter for The Sunrise Movement has grown from only a few members to around fifty, a result of her standing outside with flyers and attempting to get people interested - showing her commitment to the organization. In only a brief conversation, it became clear that she thinks major change can only happen if those who hold positions of power in the government push for this change. She also added that passing the Green New Deal - legislation addressing climate change, is one of the most important things to her. When asked what the youth can do to get more involved in the crisis, her answer was simple: educate. She advised our team to inform as many young people, especially those who can vote, about what exactly is going on in our environment right now. Her emphasis on young people was large, as the older generations may not be very passionate because they will not feel the effects of climate change like we will. Nikayla Jefferson was an informed, committed, and outspoken climate activist who had some great advice for us to listen to, and I hope to stay in contact with her as I continue my work with FXB.

-Olivia Hult

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