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David Kim

Arnold O. Beckman High School

As a voracious reader, avid climate change advocate, biking, hiking, food, and tennis enthusiast, and classical music player and listener, I enjoy socializing and conversing with my peers in order to gain more knowledge to not only better myself but those around me. The sudden increase in the amount of wildfires in Southern California was a rude awakening to the extremely harmful effects of climate change. After our family was forced to evacuate because of the toxic fumes and imminent danger of the fire, the gravitas of our new reality dawned on me. It was a hard pill to swallow seeing how climate change had already begun to show visible harm to my immediate environment. This compelled me to take part in this advocacy program because there is an inherent need to spread conscious awareness about the severity and immediacy of climate change. I would like to join FXB climate advocates because they recognize that the development of the world cannot continue without action towards climate change.

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