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Covid Opportunities

The global pandemic plaguing our planet-coronavirus-has led to many setbacks for citizens worldwide and an overall halt in our accustomed lives. That being said, during these trying times, a few environmental advancements have been made. For example, our global carbon emissions have plummeted. Now what does this mean for our planet? It means that we are headed in the right direction towards saving our planet, but we still have a lot further to go. Our planet will not be remotely close to being healthy until we reach a net carbon emission of 0.

What can we do to help? As many of us are stuck at home with an abundance of free time, this would be a great time to go online and read articles on climate change and global warming to get educated. I understand during this time, many teenagers and adults are starting to feel hopeless about the end of the coronavirus, but it is important to remember that we can take this quarantine and make something good come out of it.

Now is a perfect opportunity to make adjustments to your daily routine, if you don’t recycle or you tend to leave lights on that are not in use, notice these little things and change them, as to make them a part of your daily routine. When the quarantine is over, you will have formed new habits that together add up to make a big difference.

A great resource to get involved is also Drawdown Ecochallenge, which is an amazing organization that gets people involved from the comfort of their home and helps people get informed. On the FXB Climate Advocates website we have a tab for resources, which is filled with many great websites and organizations to help you get involved:

-Olivia Njoh-Mbengue


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