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Carolina Pacheco

Northeastern University

Everyday I try to show the world a piece of the version of me I want to become. A passionate, respectful, kind and resourceful person that gives and acts to receive nothing but self-fulfillment and happiness. I recently talked to Karina Weinstein, in Puebla City in the JUCONI International Congress I attended. In her conference, she mentioned what FXB does and their job in bringing economic opportunities to people in need. What seemed interesting to me is what she mentioned about how climate change and natural disasters are known for having economic setbacks for poor people, especially women. The relationship between economic opportunity and climate change ringed a bell about a book I love called Poor Economics by Banjree and Duflo. These two Nobel Prize winners, have enlightened me in the micro level solutions (such as micro finance) that exist to help poor people climb the latter to better economic opportunities. They also mention the existence of unfortunate events such as natural disasters that make such people have obstacles when trying to get better opportunities. This is why I believe that learning more about climate change and taking action into trying to stop it is important, as it will generate more opportunities for women and their families by decreasing their vulnerability when affected by climate change.

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