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Bochola Sara Arero

African Leadership University, Rwanda

I am a highly motivated third-year student at the African Leadership University, pursuing a degree in Global Challenges. Throughout my academic career, I have demonstrated a passion for understanding and addressing global issues, particularly sustainable development and social impact. I am a well-rounded young woman who is ambitious in different areas, especially the digital world. I have worked as a digital marketing intern at Oromia Tourism Commission, as a communications and public relations intern at the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority, and as a researcher for Save the Children Rwanda on early childhood development practices. I was fortunate enough to be an extern for the National Geographic Society and The Nature Conservancy regarding fresh and marine water conservation. Currently, I am mentoring Yale Young African Scholar alums because I am passionate about enabling and empowering young leaders to join their dream universities. Overall, I am a highly motivated and dedicated student with a strong passion for positively impacting the world. I am a strategic thinker, a creative problem-solver, and an effective leader, and I am determined to make a meaningful difference in the world through my studies and future career.


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