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Binama Jessica Nyacyesa

Kepler-SNHU, Rwanda

My name is Binama Jessica Nyacyesa. I am a sophomore at Kepler-SNHU and I am majoring in Business Management and Communications. My passion is bringing healing to my African people who have repeatedly suffered as a result of unfair treatment of its citizens on the basis of gender, social status, etc, yet all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

I am well aware that no one strategy will work to accomplish this, so I am volunteering with a variety of initiatives, such as those that promote the rights of children and women, raise awareness of mental health issues, and halt the climate change disaster. The latter is crucial since any advancements made on our continent could be abruptly undone by natural disasters.

Along with my love of activism, I also enjoy traveling. That is what actually inspired me to intern as a waitress at a local Rwandan café, and also to participate in a 6-month training in the art of Bamboo-crafting.


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