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Ava Havidic

Updated: Apr 18

Millennium Collegiate Academy, United States

I am Ava Havidic, a current junior at Millennium 6-12 Collegiate Academy that is striving to become more involved with international relations and diplomacy, especially in terms of environmental and climate research. I am a lover of languages ranging from English to Spanish to Croatian to Russian; and, I am always looking to do my part as a communicator, leader, and changemaker. Globally traveling the world is an aspiration of mine as I often tutor K-12 students on how they can give back to their community, urge for new environmental policy, and become educated on issues of pollution, endangered species, natural disasters, and land conservation. Working with various international climate and government organizations, I have been able to interview advocates and politicians that are aligning with the reduction of carbon emissions and global warming warnings. I strive to acquire volunteers for relief clean-ups following natural disasters, have an ongoing restoration donation fund, and spread awareness of how each person can become more environmentally friendly. From computer science analytics to reporting on policy reform to performing community service, climate activism allows me to combine my interests of STEM with my ongoing passion for change to provide a better tomorrow for all.

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