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Arun Kanti Howlader

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Arun Kanti Howlader Computer Science Engineering Graduate of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, a famous youth activist of Bangladesh working in youth and network advancement since 2008. Working for organizations and indigenous youth groups through employment preparing training, advancement, organizing, research is the genuine energy of Arun. As a debater, he has accomplished the psychological basic reasoning and examination capacity additionally ability in his initial age when he began his colleague with various public and universal youth clubs as a free premise volunteer taking an interest in various tasks concentrating on network advancement, occupation expertise improvement, atmosphere activities, mindfulness crusade, venture the board, leader, affinity building, and so forth. He is now associated with 500 public and global Youth associations and activities alongside his support as an expert, dissident, influencer. In ongoing decades Bangladesh has had a colossal International effect on Youth advancement all through their distinctive association with International Prestigious Award where you may discover his name wherever as a donor influencer and participator. From his initial age he has drawn in himself with Scouting, Debating, Science Fair Participation, International Lions Club, Rotary Club, The Daily Prothom Alo, SAYEN, UNEP, TUNZA, UNIC, UNYAP, YAMP, RABD, VSO, NAYEN, Save The Children, British Council, Facebook Developer Community, Firefox Community, Blue Luxury Initiative, GEIST, YCB, JCI, YFC, YES, IFPRI Research Unit, Swaniti, YSI, Unite 300, Commonwealth, Malaysian Health Coalition, The POP Movement the volunteer nonprofit association with the most noteworthy achievement. As a VSO ICS volunteer, he has encouraged around 5000 neighborhood young people to build up their aptitudes under the venture of DFID in Bangladesh, affirmed by Rt. Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Till now he has accomplished three partnerships named SWANITI SPARC FELLOWSHIP(USA), AIT EBARA FELLOWSHIP(THAILAND), WSD TID HAW HAMBURG RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP(GERMANY), and other associated applications are in the selection stage. He has added his own drives named YMAP, RABD, PCI, CHI concentrating on SDG and Community advancement, help uphold, and so forth. He has supported many transport workers families through his drives in this pandemic, giving them food and clinical supplies alongside the legislature. the corona portal of Bangladesh additionally followed a portion of his techniques and thoughts for their public activity to forestall COVID 19. As an Engineer and Youth Activist he wants to work for the adolescent advancement of Bangladesh and the entire world till his final gasp with true consultancy and strategical effect all through his movement.


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