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Anthony Opus

Busitema University, Uganda

I am Anthony Opus, a climate advocate and renewable energy engineer from Uganda (Africa). I'm a former research activate and deepen fellow at Youth Climate Lab, a member of the United International Federation of Youth for Water, and a program lead for the Teach the Teacher program with Mock COP.

Climate change is one of the most alarming issues threatening the quality of life of human civilisation. The undesirable climate events such as intensifying droughts, floods, sea level rise, mountain glaciers and many other extreme weather events are proof that climate change is not a question of fiction or politics but rather a question of facts and reality.

Youth taking centre stage in the fight against climate change is a giant stride forward towards achieving a sustainable and liveable planet for they are adaptable and can quickly make low-carbon lifestyles and career choices a part of their daily lives and thus affecting the same lifestyle to the entire society.

Am thrilled to join the FXB Climate Advocates program is one that aims to equip young people with the knowledge and advocacy tools to address the climate crisis, am confident the experience will spur my action and advocacy towards achieving a new reality of a blue-green planet that is safe from emissions at the end of this fossil fuel era.

Am ready to make the next leap of action as a FXB climate advocate, lest the planet will continue to cook.

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