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“Plogging” is a portmanteau, or a blend word, combining “jogging” and the Swedish term “plocka upp” which means pick up. Essentially, the program encourages students to pick up litter while going on a run. Not only does this help clean neighborhoods and communities, but it also adds a twist to running. The program specifically involves high school students who participate in school clubs that focus on community service, running and fitness, or environmental sustainability.


Created as a Girl Scout Gold Award project, the mission of the program is to create a long lasting effect in an area of personal interest: running and sustainability. By developing awareness towards the environment as well as promoting running and fitness, plogging creates a personal connection to running and exposes students to the effects of littering. So far, the program targets schools in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA), but hopefully, spreads out further to more communities.


By Meghan Huntley

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