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The purpose of Forever Wild is to identify neglected pieces of land that are owned by municipalities or non-profits and have been deeded “forever wild”. These pieces of land must be in need of cleanup and restoration of natural habitats. Invasive species of plant will be removed to make way for native species to grow. Forever Wild will also advocate for preservation of land parcels and against development of currently open spaces particularly in areas when open land is a diminishing resource and/or in areas where development would tax infrastructure and interfere with native and migratory wildlife. Forever Wild was established to benefit local wildlife, migratory animals and people who can enjoy small oases of wilderness tucked in unanticipated places. Restored habitats will have rustic walking paths for people to enjoy moments of peace and solitude and large swaths of native plants and areas for local and migratory wildlife habitats. To achieve its purpose, Forever Wild will rely on the effort and involvement of volunteers for clean-up days and some restoration work. For more significant restorations we will rely on the expertise of professionals and local wildlife experts.

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By Conrad Dobbs

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