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Our Story

FXB honors the values of generosity of a young man-Francois-Xavier Bagnoud-who tragically lost his life.

For more than thirty years, FXB has been honoring the values of generosity that guided his life by uplifting children in the most destitute communities around the world by investing in the most important aspect of their lives: their caregivers and families.

Now all of the progress is at risk because of climate change.

The people who will suffer the most from the devastating impacts of climate change are the children and youth, who contributed the least to the problem of climate change - yet will bear the largest brunt of the burden.

Since the 1970s, politicians, economists, and scientists have known that the climate is changing. Yet it took young people to skip school and protest on the streets for the world to take notice.


The FXB Climate Advocates program is filling a void in climate education and meeting a critical need to address the root cause of the climate crisis: providing youth with the tools and resources to take action. FXB Climate Advocates focuses on climate action so that youth can harness their hope and optimism into tangible change in their communities.


FXB launched the FXB Climate Advocates right before the global pandemic upended the world. We know that climate change is the defining issue of this century. But as the world diverted attention from climate change to respond to an unprecedented pandemic, we persevered and convened youth to learn about climate change and take on climate action. We started with under 10 participants from the United States meeting consistently via Zoom and we knew were onto something.

A mere two years later, we received nearly 300 applications from 45 countries for the Fall 2022 cohort, facilitate a vibrant alumni network that consistently spreads climate solutions to the most excluded communities in the US and globally, and are almost ready to launch the open-source FXB Climate Advocates Curriculum Guide, so that we can reach as many of the 1.8 billion youth in this world as possible.

But don’t take it from us. Youth voices are the most powerful.

Watch three FXB Climate Advocates alumni present their climate advocacy projects as part of Florida Climate Week 2022:

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