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AI & Climate Advocacy

A Committee of FXB Climate Advocates

Project Green: Reforestation

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Trees are a vital part of our environment. As the biggest plants found on Earth, they provide oxygen to the atmosphere, store carbon, and are the habitats of millions of different animals across the world. Unfortunately, deforestation has caused the number of trees to drastically fall. Last year alone, it was estimated that 15 billion trees were cut down and since the onset of agriculture, about 10,000 years ago, scientists believe that forestation on Earth has been reduced by 46%.

The diminishing number of trees has several adverse effects on our environment, including a steady increase in greenhouse gases, rising global temperatures, and flooding due to sediment runoff. The obvious solution to this issue is to plant more trees, however, it is important to consider where to plant these trees as well as other factors so that resources and time are not wasted.

Project Green is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based algorithm that analyzes satellite imagery and other data to find the best location to plant a tree as well as determine the species that would thrive in the surrounding environment. Project Green works by using a digital algorithm called image processing. Analyzing satellite imagery pixel by pixel allows it to predict whether the land found in the image is suitable for trees. For example, if satellite imagery of an ocean or desert is passed through, Project Green would be able to predict that this area is unsuitable for trees. However, if an area in a fertile field or not too dense forest is found, the algorithm would predict that planting trees is viable, and give suggestions on where to plant them.

Furthermore, Project Green can call various Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to determine the weather and climate of the location that the satellite imagery is taken from. This helps determine which types of trees may be best suited for the area. Project Green allows for the efficient and targeted planting of trees, creating an opportunity for us to save our Earth.

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