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AI & Climate Advocacy

A Committee of FXB Climate Advocates

Project: Dashboard Earth

When you are driving a car, you want to see how the car is doing, how fast the car is going, and how much gas you are using. It’s often risky to drive a car when we don’t have the car’s dashboard conveniently showing this information. The same is also true for our planet. And, the one issue that we are facing is there is no such place as a dashboard for the earth where all such climate-relevant information can be tracked in one place.

The goal for “The Dashboard Earth” project is to create a web-based dashboard where everyone can track, in almost real-time, carbon emission in the different places on the earth, changes in biodiversity, and impact of deforestation, reforestation, and extreme weather events. The dashboard should also be able to visualize the complex interrelations between those impacts.

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