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AI & Climate Advocacy

A Committee of FXB Climate Advocates

Our Story

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and technologies are very powerful, however, this power is often not used for long-term humanitarian causes where lack of instant ROI doesn’t inspire influential businesses to make the difference. The idea of this committee was born when Om Desai, an FXB Climate Advocate, was brainstorming with his mentors about how we can bridge this digital divide in AI and connect diverse and global groups consisting of climate advocates, high-school students, industry experts, local innovators, and university researchers for the causes that FXB cares about.

The deeply rooted belief that AI has the potential to be an excellent enabler for the movement of climate advocacy was a key driving force behind forming this committee for like-minded FXB Climate Advocates to join to become global influencers.

Who We Are

We are FXB Climate Advocates. Our committee focuses on researching and generating ideas on how technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can help to create climate resilience, prevention of pandemics, lift people out of poverty, and sustain their prosperity when confronted with global pandemics or climate change disruptions, and to eventually implement AI-based systems at a larger scale, for global impact, by collaborating with more people and organizations.

What We Do

We do various activities and programs to increase awareness of and share knowledge about how technology, especially AI, can strengthen Climate Advocacy.

We conduct
Youth Immersion Programs

We work with mentors
Industry Experts and Researchers

We conduct

We build
Prototypes & Proof-of-concepts

We write

We conduct
Webinars, Podcasts & Ted-Style Talks

We Brainstorm
to Generate Ideas

We build
Short online courses & Presentation Videos

We collaborate with
Non-profits, Students & Researchers

We build

Our Supporters

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