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AI & Climate Advocacy

A Committee of FXB Climate Advocates

Immersion Program

August 26, 2020 2pm-5pm ET

FREE online immersion program where participants can get a gentle introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and technologies, collaborate with others to explore further, and connect AI to their own climate stories. It is an opportunity to be a global influencer by learning to leverage technologies like AI to strengthen climate advocacy and re-imagine a global vision to adapt to the changing world around us.

Connect AI to your Climate Advocacy story

  • Facilitate storytelling and collaborative practices to connect YOUR Climate Advocacy story to AI. 

  • The immersion program is created so that participants can explore creative ways to leverage AI for more sustainable future.

  • Brainstorming ideas and engaging with the stories of others will further enrich this process.

Stories from Thought Leaders

  • Invited guests will discuss the new avenues the AI and technological advancements can open to inspire further action. ​

  • Objective is to gain deeper insights into the new opportunities created for climate advocacy through listening to the narratives of climate advocacy leaders and technical experts

Post event engagement

  • Participants will brainstorm about follow-up opportunities to continue developing themselves and about support to put their knowledge in action.

  • Each participant will leave an event eager and equipped with clear actionable steps to continue their journey.

Hands-on: Let’s build an AI prototype

  • Designed to demonstrate and explain prototypes of models for Climate Advocacy facilitated by AI.  ​

  • Intended to complement and enhance the learning throughout the short hands-on session and empowering with relevant AI tools.

Connecting   YOUR  climate story to AI

AI & Climate  Advocacy: prototype


Hands-on Technical Session Leaders

Guest  Speakers

Event   Team


August 26, 2020 2pm-5pm ET

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