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WHO We are

The FXB Climate Advocates program serves to inform, empower, and mobilize youth to act on the climate emergency.

We do this by:

  1. Broadening our understanding of climate change by engaging with climate activists, experts, and those most at-risk

  2. Building partnerships with like-minded organizations and engaging more youth and allies to join us in our efforts

  3. Supporting one another with resources, tools, and platforms to deepen our individual climate initiatives

  4. Working towards the achievement of numerous Sustainable Development Goals


FXB Climate Advocates also draws inspiration and knowledge from Project Drawdown’s Climate Solutions.


FXB International

FXB Climate Advocates is a part of FXB International. FXB’s mission is to provide the poorest of the poor families with the tools and support they need to become self-sufficient and give their children a future. 


The FXBVillage Model makes lasting changes in its countries of operations through a multidimensional time-bound approach that simultaneously addresses income-generating activities (including agricultural production), education, nutrition, health/Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH), and housing. FXB ensures that no one is left behind and shines the light of its work on the most vulnerable people in the world’s most forgotten places.


Global sustainable development will no longer be possible without focusing on issues related to global warming, the greatest existential threat of our time. Climate change, pandemics and poverty are inextricably linked.  FXB's strategic priority of addressing the nexus between poverty and climate change has led to the launch of the FXB Climate Advocates.


FXB USA aspires to be the lab for innovative organizations to leverage climate solutions in order to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable communities in the face of climate change. 

To learn more about FXB, visit

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