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What is FXB Climate Advocates?

FXB USA is a US-registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is part of the FXB International Global Network. 

The FXB Climate Advocates program aims to empower youth (13-25 years old) from around the world to implement climate solutions in their communities and at the global level.


Climate change and poverty are inextricably linked. Climate change is estimated to put 100 million people at risk of being forced into poverty, while those who already live in poverty are the most vulnerable to its shocks.


However, studies show that if only 16% of students received a climate change education, we could see a nearly 19 gigaton reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. 

Our Action:


FXB Climate Advocates equips youth climate activists with knowledge and tools to mobilize climate action on a local, national, and international level. This is done through three methods:


  • Learn: Participants take part in a 4-month online program providing interactive sessions to learn about climate change topics and develop skills to enact change. Youth cover topics such as policy, climate science, lobbying, digital storytelling, health, energy, and sustainable consumption.

  • Act: Participants receive 1:1 mentorship and resources to develop a community sustainability project. Previous participants have led projects focused on planting trees, providing climate education, recycling, furthering renewable energy, developing agriculture, and passing policy initiatives. 

  • Connect: Students receive access to cutting-edge practitioners from Harvard University, New York University, Smithsonian Science Education Center, Project Drawdown, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and others. This provides opportunities to collaborate, learn from professionals, and connect with other youth across the world. 


Program Impact:


This program has worked with 400+ students from over 50 countries since 2019. Participants say that the program provides them with solutions and actions they can take to address climate change, advocacy skills, and techniques to develop their community’s climate resilience. 97% of participants have reported that they believe youth can make a difference in addressing climate change after completing the program. Students have gone on to attend top universities, form non-profits, and get involved with community advocacy. 

Our Partners

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